Membership Fees Update – October 2023

New fees introduced from 1st October

From Sunday 1st October 2023, there will be new membership fees for Countryside Mobility:

  • Annual – £15
  • Two week ‘Taster’ – £5
    There will also be a single use option of £3.

Why are there changes?

As with all charities, rising costs have affected Living Options (the charity that operates Countryside Mobility) and we have needed to review the financial sustainability of all services, including Countryside Mobility.

For example, since 2015 Tramper insurance cover has risen by 35%, postage of welcome packs by 41% and Tramper maintenance by over 100%.

We’re committed to keeping the service as affordable as possible, both for those hiring the Trampers and for partner sites receiving support/ leasing Trampers.

Therefore, the membership fee levels have remained the same since the initiative started in 2010. However, to ensure that we can continue to provide a safe, high quality service, we have had no choice but to increase the fees.

More To Offer Than Ever Before

We realise that users and partner sites are facing the same pressures and so it is with regret that these changes have been made.

However, we continue to believe that membership offers good value for money. There are now more partner sites than ever before – with another two new locations due to go live shortly. And we have lots of exciting ideas which we hope will add to your enjoyment.

Around 2/3rd of our partner sites do not charge a hire fee, so once you become a Countryside Mobility member, in most cases, you will not need to pay again to use the Tramper for the duration of your membership (any admission or parking fees still apply, where relevant).

Even at locations where a hire fee is charged (to cover the investment the organisation has made in leasing/ purchasing the Tramper), this should not be more than the equivalent of £2.50 per hour.

We greatly value your continued support and hope that you will continue to enjoy using the service.