How to Hire

Special places made accessible

We’ve partnered with beauty spots around the West and Wales, to offer all terrain mobility scooters (Trampers) for you to hire - all to help you share these special places with friends and family.

How to hire is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Find a location and book your Tramper
  2. Join as a Countryside Mobility member at your first hire
  3. Start to Explore!
Find. Join. Explore.

1: Find a location and book your Tramper

We've got over 50 beautiful locations around South West England to choose from, as well as a few beyond! Each location has a dedicated page about what there is to enjoy, and contact details for booking. Please note Tramper bookings can only be made direct with the hire location.

2. Join as a Countryside Mobility member at your first hire

There are staff and volunteers at our partner hire locations trained to make sure that you are safe and confident before setting out in a Tramper.

You'll complete a form on arrival, and receive introductory training lasting for around 5 to 10 minutes. This makes sure that everyone using a Tramper is safe and confident before starting. On completion you'll become a member of Countryside Mobility with access to Trampers across the full hire network.

Choose from:

  • Annual membership: £15
  • 2-week taster membership (ideal for holidays): £5

There is also a single use option at £3 available.

It is helpful to read through the Health & Medical information and Terms of Use before going to use a Tramper. You can also view our online video introduction to a Tramper. You will also need to bring a form of photo ID with you.

Please note that because it is essential that you can physically demonstrate safe use of the Tramper, it is only possible to become a Countryside Mobility member at a hire location. You cannot become a member online or by phoning Countryside Mobility.

Having a membership system makes it much quicker when you come to hire a Tramper again as we have already covered a lot of the safety and administration.

3: Start to explore!

At each of our hire locations we have carried out professional access audits to establish where it is safe (and fun) for someone hiring a Tramper to go. The member of staff or volunteer will provide you with a map and guidance.

You can then use your membership to visit all our hire locations in the West and Wales (and those of our partner organisation, Outdoor Mobility, operating in the North of England). Gardens, coasts, forests, lakes, hilltops, heritage, countryside, parks - you'll be spoilt for choice.

Please note that admission and parking fees, where relevant still apply and that some hire locations charge a Tramper hire fee. A hire fee will never be more than £2.50 per hour to help cover some of the cost of the Tramper hire service.

View of Eden Project Biomes from Tramper

Already a Countryside Mobility member?

  1. Book ahead - as most of our partner hire locations only have one Tramper we recommend you always book ahead by contacting the location directly. Use our location finder to look up contact details for our sites
  2. Don't forget to take proof of your membership with you on the day. This will either be the paper given to you when you first became a member or, if you have become an annual member, we will provide you with a membership card. We aim to get this to you within a month of when you become a member, depending on how quickly we receive the membership form from the partner hire location.
  3. Receive a refresher. You should always be offered a refresher of how the Tramper works. Although this is optional we would always recommend that you take this up so that you feel safe and confident before heading out.

Please note: We only offer all terrain Trampers for hire at our partner locations. They cannot be taken elsewhere and we do not hire standard mobility scooter/ wheelchair services. If you are looking to hire mobility equipment to use elsewhere you should contact a provider such as Shop Mobility UK. You may still want to make use of Countryside Mobility to access these more challenging, outdoor locations though.