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Want to renew your existing Annual Membership? Click on this link to visit the Renewals page.

Want to upgrade your Taster Membership? Click on this link to visit the Upgrade page.

How do I hire a Tramper and become a member?

Whenever you first hire a Tramper you will become a member of Countryside Mobility.

Your membership confirms that you have received, and successfully completed, short, introductory training on how to use a Tramper so that you feel safe and confident.

You can then use your Countryside Mobility membership like a driving licence to access Trampers at all partner locations across the south west and beyond. 

Because this introductory training can only be carried out in person, you can only become a member at a partner hire location rather than by contacting ourselves. So just choose which location you would like to use a Tramper at first, contact them to book the Tramper and become a member of arrival.

Visit our How to Hire page for the 1 - 2 - 3 process of hiring for the first time

What types of membership are available and how much do they cost?

Two types of membership are available:

An Annual Membership which costs £15.00

A 2 week (Taster) which costs £5.00 - ideal for trying it out or if you are visiting on holiday; or

There is also the option of a single use membership which costs £3.00  

Want to upgrade from a Taster to Annual Membership?

We often find people want to extend their membership once they have tried it out. You can upgrade from a Taster to Annual Membership either at a partner site or via our website. The cost is £10. 

You will need to upgrade within 2 months of originally taking out a Taster membership and the start date for the annual membership will be the date that you took out the Taster Membership. 

Is there anything else I need to know about becoming a member?

Due to the substantial type of mobility scooter used (Class 3) the DVLA requires a minimum age of 14. There is no upper age limit.

You do not have to be registered as a disabled person or have a Blue Badge - it is open to anyone who has difficulty walking. Click to watch a video introducing the Tramper

Please note that for safety and insurance reasons some medical conditions or health issues mean that unfortunately not everyone will be able to join the scheme. Please read the Medical and Health Information and Terms and Conditions of use before visiting a site for the first time.

 How much does it cost to hire a Tramper once you are a member?

Most of our partner hire locations do not charge a hire fee - either offering it as part of the entrance fee or inviting an optional donation. 

However, around a third of our partner locations charge a small hire fee to help cover the costs of them having a Tramper and offering the service. This should be no more than £2.50 per hour (or equivalent for long hire sessions). 

Normal admission and parking fees apply where relevant.


How do I prove that I am a Countryside Mobility member?

When you first become a member you will complete a membership form on a triplicate pad. You should be given one copy of this form and the partner hire location will send one copy to Countryside Mobility. 

Please ensure that you retain your copy of the membership form to use as proof of your membership. 

If you are a Taster member then this form will be the proof that you use through to the end of your 2 week membership.

If you chose an Annual membership, you will use the membership form as proof until we send you your Welcome Pack. We ask hire locations to send us membership forms promptly but please note that, depending on their efficiency, it may take up to a month for us to receive your form, process your membership and send your Welcome Pack. Your Welcome Pack will include a credit card sized Membership Card with your name, membership number and expiry date. Once you have received this then you can use this card instead of your membership form. 

 If you have any questions about the membership application process please contact us on 01392 459222 or email [email protected].