Lundy Island

Our most ambitious hire location to date, you can now hire an all-terrain Tramper scooter to explore this unique and beautiful island. 

The two Trampers can allow you to access a large proportion of the footpaths and tracks on the island and enjoy the views, natural beauty and tranquility. 

While using a Tramper on Lundy is very similar to our other hire locations, reaching and staying on the island is more challenging for anyone with mobility limitations and for some it will not be possible. 

We have therefore worked with the team at Lundy to produce a supplementary information guide focussing on access and use of the Tramper to help you make an informed decision about whether it is realistic for you. It is essential that you read this before deciding to book a trip to the island. 

Advance booking of the Tramper is essential. The Tramper is now available for daytrippers as well as staying visitors. However, due to the extremely limited availability of staff at the time after the ship arrives, there is not the capacity to become a member and go through the induction process if you are using the Tramper as a daytripper. 

Therefore you MUST already be an existing member of Countryside Mobility (remember to bring your card or form) and there will be no time for refresher training to use it as a daytripper. 

If you wish to use the Tramper while visiting as a daytripper but are not a member you should visit another Countryside Mobility hire location in advance of visiting to become a member.  

Lundy Island has been described as ‘a 400 foot granite outcrop in the Bristol Channel’ but this only hints at the unique experience it offers each visitor. For some it is the sense of solitude and escape, for others it is the beauty of the natural environment. Located 12 miles off the Devon Coast, the island is three miles north to south and half a mile wide guaranteeing spectacular coastal views at every turn. 

Hire fee – £20 per full day, £50 per week.

For more information about what the island offers and to book your stay, visit the Lundy website

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Address Lundy Island, Bideford, Devon, EX39 2LY
Telephone 01271863636

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