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Introducing our new Project Manager!

Date Posted: 23 January 2018

We're delighted to welcome Maryann Soper, our new Project Manager (Delivery) to the Heritage Ability team.

Maryann has come from a heritage management background and has recently graduated from the University of Birmingham where she studied a Masters degree in International Heritage Management. 

She grew up in Cornwall and the landscape-wide industrial heritage there sparked a lifelong passion for our heritage and in particular, the right to enjoy it. She was largely responsible for the online information archive called Graces Guide, that allowed the sharing of rare and important documents regarding the industrial and engineering history of the UK and noticed that while the internet removes many access barriers for people, nothing could quite replace the real experience. She went on to set-up, and continues to run, the online industrial heritage exploration guide called GooseyGoo, which encourages people to discover in person the heritage in their area. GooseyGoo also has a database of current campaigns to save industrial heritage around the UK and Ireland and is a great resource for anybody wishing to volunteer in this sector and to meet like-minded people.

Maryann feels strongly about people working together and access for all, so she describes her new post here at Heritage Ability as “just perfect”. You can email her at [email protected]