Liz’s Countryside Mobility Story

Countryside Mobility member Liz, recently spoke to one of the team and shared her story about the confidence and independence she’s regained from using Countryside Mobility Trampers. It was wonderful to hear the impact the scheme has had on Liz, to learn of the freedom it’s given back and how she’s now able to enjoy country walks alongside her husband William.

Here’s Liz’s story.

Liz is 73 years old and moved from London to Devon, along with husband William, 10 years ago in 2014. For the past 25 years, Liz has suffered with bad health. A lot of Liz’ poor health is caused by a blood disorder; meaning it affects her whole system. Liz has a condition called Peripheral Neuropathy which means she can’t use her hands and William has taken on a care role.

Last July, Liz caught peritonitis caused by Diverticulitis which resulted in a fortnight stay in intensive care, major surgery, and a further stay in several high dependency wards before being discharged to Barton Lodge Nursing home in Dawlish and returning home in late September.

Prior to her serious illness in 2023, Liz and William would often go for walks in the country. Liz used a stick but found walking quite difficult and had to take it slow. All the places the couple visited had trampers which William was always enthusiastic about, but Liz resisted.

Eventually, the couple were coming back from a holiday near Tyntesfield (Bristol) and decided to stop in for a walk. William persuaded Liz to hire a Tramper and the minute she got on it, Liz realised how good it was. Liz became a member in 2019 and has continued using the service ever since.

Some of Liz’ favoured sites are Castle Drogo, Killerton and Stover Country Park.

Liz appreciates the service for providing her with a network of trampers and giving her the means to make the most of it, for example the website and booking system.

Being a member of Countryside Mobility and hiring the Trampers has made a huge difference to Liz’ life. It’s increased her confidence and independence. It’s also made a difference to her relationship as well because it has enabled the couple to walk side by side again.

Liz can no longer drive so the Tramper makes her feel happy knowing she can feel like she’s driving something again and gives her some independence back in beautiful surroundings and nature.

Liz said; “It was wonderful, the freedom of it.”

Here are photos of Liz enjoying various locations within the Countryside Mobility scheme. To discover where you can go visit the Countryside Mobility – Where can I go pages for more details.

Countryside Member Liz Hart drives the Tramper in various locations around the South West including historic stately buildings and countryside paths