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Enabling easy access to the South West's beauty spots

Members Feedback

Many of our Members have written to us to let us know how the scheme has helped them. You can also watch our film below to hear first had how thew scheme has helped people to get out and explore the countryside.

"I have to say that this scheme has, very quickly transformed life for both me and my wife.  We used to love a walk in country or woods but an accident and severe arthritis has until now meant an end to that pleasure and me enjoying the fresh air and our lovely countryside.  I had a wonderful time at the Heddon Valley and am still smiling at the thought of it as I write this email.  Thank you all so much at countryside mobility, it is a wonderful service and I cannot praise it enough "

“Before I was restricted to sitting and watching from a distance. Now I am free to move around.”

"I used to love walking on Dartmoor, Exmoor and places such as Roadford Reservoir, Wimbleball Lake Country Park and Haldon forest Park but because of a serious back problem was not longer able to access these places . I have once again been to many places that I thought I would never see again. Just brilliant.”

“The Tramper is my lifeline to the outdoors and the life I once had!  I am able to travel through the woodland walks with my husband and two children and feel part of normal life again.”

“A first class scheme & the Tramper is a very easy to use & versatile. Coping with all terrains & inclines I asked of it with no problems. It made my day!”

“I cannot express enough my sheer delight at discovering this scheme. Suddenly I can get around and visit places it had become impossible to visit. Thank you so very much.”

"Brilliant scheme - the Tramper was easy to use and it made my holiday so much easier and more enjoyable."

“Can I just say that the Trampers have transformed my life. I have enjoyed visits to RHS Rosemoor and Saltram House and plan several more outings in the near future. Thank you.”

“To smell the pine trees again was unbelievable, I was enjoying the outdoors again. A Tramper has made it possible for me to enjoy the outdoor experience again, it has given me my old life back.”

“Thanks Countryside mobility for another wonderful day out where I could get to all the places my family could go - and we could share a day out together. Priceless!”

“My husband has MS and this is his only chance  to get out into the countryside - it makes such a difference to him it is brill!”

“I have been given back freedom and independence.”

"This is the first time in years I have been able to accompany my wife on one of her walks and look forward to visiting other sites."

"It was wonderful to be able to enjoy walking through the gardens as a family. This is something that hasn't happened for years due to my spinal condition which prevents me walking very far.”

“Had it not been for the opportunity of hiring a mobility scooter, we simply would not have been able to do anything there except, possibly, sit in the café because of my severe and chronic rheumatoid arthritis. As it was we had a  wonderful experience seeing the gardens together.”

“I felt so thrilled to be able to go with my friend walking, I was beaming. I usually have to stay in the car or café. I felt normal again - thank you.”