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Trio of Trampers hit Heritage Ability locations

Date Posted: 31 July 2017

Three Heritage Ability locations have just introduced Trampers to their sites, opening up more of the outdoors for everyone to enjoy. The tramper is an electric all-terrain mobility scooter designed specifically to cover rough ground and grass safely. It can go up and down slopes, over bumps and tree roots, through shallow puddles, mud and soft ground. So where can you go? 

National Trust Killerton

On Killerton's scenic route, visitors get to take in the best parts of the parkland.  The Tramper can also be used to explore the garden and the chapel grounds, but only on hard surfaced or gravel path.

Tramper at National Trust Killerton

Lulworth Cove

Taking in the intoxicating sea air at Lulworth Cove, the Tramper's short but spectacular route offers clifftop views of Stair Hole, perfect for seeing the folded layers of rock, and takes you down to the crystal clear waters of the Cove.

Tramper at Lulworth Cove

Forest of Dean

Delve into the forst and discover nature, tranquility and glimpses of the area's mining history along the two choices of routes.

Tramper at the Forest of Dean

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