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Accessible heritage sites for all

Volunteer with us

We believe that disabled and Deaf people should lead the process of change and decide what improvements are needed

We are a user-led organisation and we want to recruit disabled and Deaf people across the South West to volunteer and help us make these changes. Volunteers can take many roles, including:

  • Mystery visitors to assess heritage sites and advise on the improvements they can make
  • BSL (British Sign Language) film guides to learn about a site's heritage and create a film clip
  • BSL tour guides to learn about a site's heritage and lead guided tours for Deaf people
  • Heritage Ability Champions to support their local heritage places and help it on its journey to become more accessible, engaging with local disabled and Deaf people and groups
  • Joining a User-led panels, which meet occasionally to look at how the project is going and how well it is tackling specific disability and access needs

    BSL volunteer

If you'd like to get involved, please do contact us at