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Accessible heritage sites for all

Meet the team

Meet the Heritage Ability team!

Dominic Acland, Project Manager (Sustainability)

Dominic has worked in countryside and heritage management for most of his life, in the North-East and in Devon. His focus has always been on creating new access and education opportunities whilst protecting the heritage that we all enjoy.


Tony Potter, Project Manager (Delivery)

Tony is one of the project managers on the Heritage Ability project. Tony will help the partner heritage sites identify the accessible activities that they can deliver and manage the project training programme to help staff and volunteers to better meet the needs of people with disabilities and thereby improve their visit experience . He was previously Chief Executive of a charity helping disabled people enjoy outdoor adventure and before that he served for over 30 years in the Army.


Jessica Holroyd, Engagement and Communications Officer

Jessica helps manage the relationship between the sites and other stakeholders, as well as provinding marketing and communications support. Prior to her role on the project, Jess worked as a Visitor Experience Officer at National Trust Killerton, and has also had several marketing roles in an agency setting. Passionate about working for charities and with a degree in History of Art, this is her dream role. 


Kristy Cooper, Deaf Volunteer Coordinator

Kristy's role is to recruit, support and mentor Deaf BSL volunteers who have an interest in local heritage. 


Neil Warren, Countryside Mobility

Neil manages the Countryside Mobility section of the Heritage Ability project, organising the introduction of Trampers to our partner sites.

Star Clapp, Adminstrator and IT support

Star provides admin and IT support to the Heritage Ability team. This is her first job, since she finished studying IT at college in June 2016. 

Helen Smith, Disability Champion,

Helen is an accredited trainer who has lived and worked as both a non-disabled and disabled person. She has worked with and for people with physical and sensory disabilities for 17 years, designing and delivering bespoke training.